Sunday, February 6, 2011

Can I use two different dental insurances?

I have Blue Cross Blue Shield and covers dental and health, so I have Delta Dental, dental insurance alone. Can I save twice on my insurance money? sure you can do it. and if you get caught, and it is a punishment. I hope you're ready. Companies in the rule for this policy. You should ask. It depends. If they are HMO or PPO? If both PPO and HMO or a PPO, yes, you both. If both HMO but it is not the little good. I have 3 of my daughter for dental insurance. Your father has a PPO to cover most of it, and my HMO will pay a bit more of what the PPO no. My third Insurance was free, but also an HMO, so as not to pay anything else. If your costs for insurance or very low (below $ 10 a month) for another with the insurance, you'll probably save some money. See what everyone does what they say to each pay for a filling, and you can see what would save you. Also consider whether you really need two insurance policies. I only did it because I am covered braces for my daughter who has a cost of $ 800 for the PPO to pay interest, but now only $ 100 with the other coverage and only pay $ 120 a year (or about $ 240 for 2 years will have keys), so I still save about $ 45 000 in total. You can have political as much as you want on anything. It is perfectly legal, but insurance companies need to know about the other. You just can not get in an accident. For example, if you get your teeth knocked out, and costs $ 10 000. There is a clause in his contract about how insurance companies pay for $ 10,000. yes you can use as much as you want. Call each insurance company to see about coordinating (salary) with other insurance. Some insurance companies do not coordinate with other insurance which means they will have to pay first no matter what. If so then you can file the claim with the insurance and have the check mailed to you or the dentist. Some insurance companies coordinate with others to pay up to 100% of the bill you can have double coverage for dental care, but the two plans coordinate only up to the best of the two benefits. Double coverage is not double coverage. This is a common misconception.My advice is - if you are paying for both plans - cancel the smaller of the two benefits, and shall be paid only if the best plan. There is something called the Coordination of benefits - as an insurance policy must be determined to be the primary carrier. (You can often deliver something denied by the primary carrier is a secondary insurance, but most methods will not send to others for you -. It's Your Responsibilty) If you lie to each plan to tell them that they are all your primary carrier when coordination of benefits, and they were paying the claim and determine if the others after the fact, not only will you have to pay back the money, they can prosecute you for fraud .


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